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The Story of Lashed Ltd.

Lashed Ltd. Owned by Ashley Rezende, Started 9 years ago. Ashley being a veteran in the Lash industry has had Lashed by Ash Services for the past 9 years. With over 60 clients Ashley has been able to beautify numerous women at lightening speed (her claim to fame). 3 years ago Ashley became an International Lash Educator and opened her own Accredited Lash Academy, where she has had the opportunity to teach over 100 women and men the skill of Lashing. Her Gentle and fun approach has proven to help her students become successful in the Lash Industry. Guiding each student individually after certification has proven to be very rare in most training academies, but Ashley changed the narrative and continues to mentor each and every student for years after their certification. From Lash tips to business building , she’s your girl! Lashed Ltd has grown and will continue to serve the Lash industry with quality and care.

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